When you have Lucknowi cuisine, it’s not just mere food you have but with each morsel, you relish a story and a rich history.

Take Galawati Kebab for instance, the softest, melt-in-mouth -kebabs were made for Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula after he lost all his teeth. The legend has it that the Nawab had the penchant for Kebabs, so much so that he would ask his cooks to prepare a new variant of Kebab every day. So, when he lost his teeth, the seasoned chef from his kitchen came up with the kind of Kebab with a texture that needed no chewing at all and yet has the same taste as Kebabs. And that’s how Galawati Kebab came into being.

Galawat, which literally means something that melts in the mouth, is one of the most sought-after Kebabs ever. The soft texture is attained by mixing raw papaya with minced meat but more than often it needs experienced hands to get the texture and taste right.

We, at Pepperz, understand that Galawati Kebab is not a mere delicacy but Lucknawi heritage, hence we make sure we deliver nothing but the best. Tender minced is mixed with aromatic spices and then fried to the perfection. The end result is soft, melt-in-mouth delicious Kebabs that will leave you wanting more.

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